BIMS Login : A Guide to Kerala’s Bill Information and Management System Login

Kerala has consistently managed its affairs to become one of the states with the quickest rates of growth. It has also recently passed several projects, one of which being the opening of the BIMS site. The state hopes to generate invoices and upload claim settlements on the internet by launching this service. We will go into great depth about this effective site, including the BIMS Login, which is only accessible by DDOs. So be sure to read this article through to the conclusion to obtain all the information you need about the platform and its features. 

Highlight of BIMS Login

Name of Portal BIMS
Full-Form Bill Information and Management System
State Kerala
Launch Year 2022
Authority Government of Kerala
Beneficiaries Drawing and Disbursing Officers
Purpose e-Bill Payment for Kerala Treasury’s Claim Settlement Process

Known About BIMS 

The Bill Information and Management System, or BIMS as it is frequently shortened, is one of the most popular web-based portals created especially for Drawing and Disbursing Officers, or DDOs. Through effective utilization of this platform, the DDOs may produce invoices and submit claims settlements. The generated invoices will be electronically transmitted to the Treasury; this data and document exchange will be effectively accelerated via the use of the Internet method. To access this site, the officers need to fill out the BIMS Login form using the details and login code that they have been given. 

Functions of BIMS

Several features are satisfied by the BIMS; we’ve listed a few of the best ones here. The portal serves as a resource for all platform users who have completed the BIMS Login process. 

  • Making Contingent Bills, also known as TR 59E. 
  • provides support for the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) services. 
  • obtaining the bill circumstances and creating the invoice book.
  • The officers’ power to approve legislation or TR 59E is accessed through the platform.
  • Users can reduce their DDO charges with the portal’s assistance. 
  • It is possible to submit all of the Bills of Claim Settlement electronically using the site. 

Process to Register at BIMS

With the aid of the codes and information you are given, you may easily register on this site, which is exclusively intended to assist Kerala’s DDOs.  Some quick instructions for opening this site are shown below. 

  • The first step is to open your preferred “Browser” on any of your devices. 
  • As soon as the browser opens, use the search box to find the official BIMS website.  
  • When you initially visit the portal homepage, the “DSC Registration” option will be in the center of the page. 
  • Once you make the selection, a new pop-up window will appear requesting that you fill out the DDO Code, PEN, or Employee ID. 
  • You must click “Next” once you have successfully entered the necessary login information.
  • You will be able to finish the BIMS Registration process and proceed to the BIMS Login procedure once you have entered all of the necessary information.

Process for BIMS Login

To access your account after completing the registration process, you must proceed with the BIMS Login procedure. You may complete this process without encountering any difficulties by following the instructions listed below. 

  • The first and most important step is to touch on any “Browser” that you wish to use on the device to access your account. 
  • The official BIMS website may be found by using your browser’s search function after it has been accessed. 
  • You may click the following link to go straight to the website and avoid going through the lengthy process:
  • You must enter your username and password in the provided input boxes when you first access the login page.
  • The next step is to choose the position (Admin, DDO, or DDO Admin) that you have been assigned to.
  • After completing all required fields, enter the captcha code and double-check your entry to make sure there are no inconsistencies. 
  • Lastly, to finish the BIMS Login procedure, select the “Login” option. 


The Kerala government launched the BIMS Login, also known as The Bill Information and Management System, in 2022. The platform was developed to provide the Kerala Treasury with more efficient information on claim settlement. However, you should be informed that the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) are the only ones with access to the portal.

Thus, the state has established a singular and powerful example for other state governments to adopt similar ideas to operate more efficiently, while avoiding any form of human mistakes or delay in the job, via this successful blend of technology in the sphere of government work management. Therefore, in order to access these platonic experiences, if you are a DDO officer in Kerala, make sure to finish the BIMS Login.

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