Darjeeling Tour Packages Under 10000: An Extensive Tour Guide

Darjeeling Tour Packages Under 10000

Darjeeling is endowed with lots of scenic destinations that tourists can explore. This is a charming hill station with a backdrop of nature in West Bengal and is among the list of places that tourists from various parts of the world enjoy visiting. Below is the detailed list of Darjeeling tour packages under 10000 INR that you can find helpful if you are searching for the same. The tour packages comprise interesting experiences, such as the view from the Kanchenjunga peaks to the tranquil tea gardens. This article elaborates on the packages that you can opt to traverse the right way in and around Darjeeling. 

Different Types of Darjeeling Tour Packages Under 10000

Upcoming is a list of curated Darjeeling tour packages under 10000 Indian Rupees that you can pick to tour at ease. 

1. Budget Package: This package is particularly designed for people who are holding onto a tight budget to visit and explore Darjeeling. Affordable accommodations along with sightseeing and meals do get included under the budget tour packages.

2. Standard Package: If you are looking for sightseeing possibilities in Darjeeling, then pick this package. Travelers accompanying family members or touring Darjeeling as couples can find this package an exciting one. 

3. Luxury Package: This package delivers luxurious accommodation along with a fine dining experience by the hills. You get to explore exclusive spots as the package includes places to visit once in a lifetime. This package suits newly-wed couples best, who would like to luxuriously accommodate themselves during their touring visit to Darjeeling.  

4. Adaptive Package: If you have a list of places to visit in Darjeeling, then tailor your tour package to explore them all. Based on your tourist spot visits, you get to pick the package that fulfills your traveling needs. 

What gets included in Darjeeling Tour Packages Under 10000?

Prior to exploring Darjeeling tour packages under 10000 INR, you must understand the kind of services that are included in the tour packages.

  1. Meal options
  2. Accommodation in the resort or hotel
  3. Transportation and sightseeing
  4. Travel guide services (optional)
  5. Entry fees to visit and explore tourist spots

Exclusions from the Darjeeling Tour Packages under 10000 INR

  1. Train or airfare
  2. Additional services or activities as not mentioned under the package
  3. Personal expenses related to travel guide tips, shopping, and more.

Places you can visit through Darjeeling Tour Packages under 10000

Upcoming is a list of places that you can visit and get covered in Darjeeling tour packages under 100000 INR:

  • Tiger Hill: Get ready to witness the extensive sunrise views from the Kanchenjunga peaks. Go for a trek by the hill to experience the sunrise in person. The entire hill is maintained well by the local government for tourist visits and is quite travel-friendly as well.
    • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park: This park has been recognized as the right place to sightsee a wide number of endangered species. Visiting the park area allows you to witness many species ranging from Tibetan wolves to Red pandas. This is a perfect place for kids and elderly people to visit. 
    • Tenzing Rock: Known as a favorite spot for fearless seekers and climbers, the Tenzing Rock has obtained its name following the celebrated Tenzing Norgay. If you are a nature seeker, then trekking by the rock will give you a memorable experience.
    • Tibetan Refugee Center: Visit this place to understand the tradition and culture followed by the Tibetan refugees. You can go shopping in and around the refugee center areas, and grab-on handmade items at a nominal price rate. 
    • Nightingale Park: This serene park offers a leisure place to go for a walk with your loved one. The entire park has scenic views providing the utmost relaxation for its visitors. 

    Valuable points to follow before confirming your Darjeeling Tour Packages

    To get the most out of your Darjeeling tour packages under 10000 INR, make sure to follow the below-mentioned set of points:

    • Book your touring package one or two months before your visit. This way any sort of traveling hurdles can be rightly eliminated. 
    • Make use of your internet-enabled smartphone or laptop to check the weather conditions and plan and execute your visit to Darjeeling accordingly.
    • Wear comfortable clothes along with shoes to visit and experience trekking and sightseeing places right away. 
    • Taste the local cuisine, namely momos and Darjeeling tea.
    • Maintain the tourist areas clean by carrying extra bags for waste rather than throwing them away by the trees.


    Darjeeling, an enthralling hill station provides exciting experiences to every other kind of traveler. With Darjeeling tour packages under 10000 INR, you get to have a memorable lifetime travel experience with your family members; pack your bags and pick the tour package that meets your expectations to explore the real beauty of Darjeeling in person.  


    Q1. What are the possible ways to reach Darjeeling?

    Darjeeling is well-connected in terms of roadways, and air and train travel. Pick your mode of transportation given your travel budget.

    Q2. When can I visit Darjeeling?

    The best time to explore Darjeeling is between April and June. If you are seeking a cold adventure, then visit Darjeeling from October to January.

    Q3. What kind of adventure activities can one experience in Darjeeling tour packages under 10000 INR?

    Adventure activities as included in your travel package vary based on your overall travel budget. You can go trekking, paragliding, and other kinds of adventurous activities that include a special entry fee in the first place. 

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